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Tama Starphonic 6x14 Steel Snare Drum

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Tama Starphonic Black Steel Limited Edition 6x14 Snare Drum

Starphonic Steel Snare provides a warm, solid sound and a great sensitivity. - Tama's continued development of the Starphonic line led them to develop an entirely new "Grooved Hoop" and a bearing edge placement set 2.5mm from the outer surface of shell. Also, the all-new Freedom Lug and Claw Hook will provide greater control of tension rods and tuning, while partnering with the easily-detachable butt plate to enable quick replacement of worn top and bottom drumheads. These innovations have enabled the drum to have a great high to low range. - Other features of this drum include a Linear Drive strainer - which enables a greater control of the strainer's deployment motion. On the snare side of the drum, an and "Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare" will emphasize needed attack, but also limit the amount of effort needed to control the tension on your snares.1mm thick steel shell - Freedom lugs (10)Grooved counter hoops - Linear-Drive strainer w/detachable butt - Super-Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy

Model #PST146
This is not a stock photo. The drum you see is the drum you get!