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PDP Concept Maple 3pc in Ebony

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PDP Concept Maple 3pc in Ebony 

Retro looks and a warm vintage-style sound, the Concept Series™ Classic Wood Hoop kit is sure to turn heads.

The Concept Maple line features all-maple shells and counterhoops in two distinct. Recessed stamped claw hooks retain the plied maple hoops and add to the classic appeal. Choice of 16x22", 14x24" or 14x26" bass drums sizes.

Maple Shells with Plied Maple Hoops:
6-ply Toms
7-ply Bass Drum

Because its Maple shells, the result of a warm and rich tone is presented on the stage. The long and slow sustain of these all-maple shells is like no other wood but then you have plied maple hoops which add to its warmth and classic appeal. 

Recessed Stamped Claw Hooks:
Retaining these wooden hoops are the recessed stamped claw hooks which just look stunning. These claws are easy to remove and position, making tuning a breeze.


  • All-Maple Shells
  • All-Maple Plied Counterhoops
  • Recessed, Stamped Claw Hooks
  • True Pitch Tension Rods
  • Remo Drum Heads

Sizes: (depth x diameter)

  • 9x13 Mounted Tom
  • 16x16 Floor Tom 
  • 14x24 Bass Drum