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New Yamaha Phoenix Maple 4pc Drum Set Black Cherry Sunburst

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New Yamaha PHX Hybrid Maple 4pc in Black Cherry Sunburst Lacquer Finish.



The shells of the PHX are 11-ply hybrid shells. The woods used are progressively harder from the center ply to the outer plies. The center ply is jatoba; this is a very hard wood' and it "anchors" the fundamental of the shell. Sandwiched on either side of this is kapur. This wood is in the mahogany family and adds warmth to the sound of the drum. The inner and outer plies are maple, except in the case of drums using the optional burled ash outer ply. These drums use an outer half-ply each of maple and burled ash. Maple rounds out the tone adding high and mid frequencies to the shell.



The auction is for the drumset only. . 

Sizes: (depth x diameter)

  • 18x22 Bass Drum
  • 15x16 Floor Tom
  • 8x12 Mounted Tom
  • 7x10 Mounted Tom