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Joyful Noise 6.5x14 ''Luminary'' #049

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The Luminary Series is the latest addition to the JNDC portfolio and features a seamless aluminum shell embodying the design attributes of the renowned JNDC Modern Classic shell. The Luminary Series shells are full bodied and warm in tone and have a pronounced mid-range and low-range register that is present in all tuning ranges. These drums are also extremely sensitive and articulate, while emitting a voice that is extremely expansive, full of color, and breath.

Once the Luminary Series shell is hand-selected for the preferences of the artist, the bearing edges and snare beds are finished by hand in order to refine and optimize the sonic performance. Finished with a clear, solid, custom fade, or multi-color anodized finish and sealed in 100% Carnauba wax, the Luminary Series is accented with a 24KT gold leaf JNDC feather motif, or complementary 24KT accents so each drum is unique, both sonically and aesthetically.

The Luminary Series design and hardware consist of 2.5mm solid brass bright nickel-plated triple flanged hoops, ten solid brass bright nickel-plated Corder tube lugs, bell-flanged bearing edges, vintage-inspired crimped snare beds, 24k gold-plated brass JNDC feather motif drum badge, and the bright nickel-plated proprietary cast bronze JNDC “One Touch Classic” snare drum strainer (throw-off) system.