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> Snares > Gretsch > USA G-5000 Solid Wood Snares

G-5000 Solid Walnut and Maple single-ply wood snare drums are USA made in our Ridgeland, SC Custom Drum Shop and include 30-degree bearing edges, die-cast hoops, 20-strand snare wires and coated Permatone batter head with underside dot. All models are available in either Lightning or Dunnett throw-off and butt plate. The shells are finished in clear Nitro Cellulose gloss lacquer to enhance the wood’s intrinsic beauty.

The Walnut shells are hand crafted and include solid maple reinforcement hoops to ensure true shell roundness. Walnut offers a dark and throaty fundamental timbre, but still projects plenty of attack and tonal presence. 

Solid Maple shells also include solid maple reinforcement hoops to supply true shell roundness. Solid maple shells are known to provide ultimate in tonal balance with an abundance of deep to mid-range warmth along with generous amount of bright and clear high-end.

Due to the single-ply shell characteristics and handmade quality, each new G-5000 snare is capable of projecting vibrant, cutting tones that are balanced by an overall warm and complex sound.