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Tama Starphonic 7x13 Steel Snare Drum

MSRP: $615.37
Your Savings: $215.38 (35%)

The Tama 7" x 13" Starphonic Black Nickel-Plated Steel Snare Drum is loud and cutting, with a unique amount of fatness to the sound coupled with higher-than-normal tuning range thanks to the uncommon dimensions.

The grooved 1.6mm hoops have no holes - instead, tension hooks lock the hoops down. This design gives the hoop a massive amount of strength and durability.

The unique Freedom Lugs allow the hoops to be removed from the drum without having physically take out all of the tension rods. The Linear Drive Strainer turns your snares on or off completely silently.

With the detachable butt plate, you can take off the snare wire mechanism and retain the wires' original tension while you tune up your bottom head. You're also able to ratchet up the tension of your snare wires 0.125mm at a time with the ratchet snare tension adjuster.

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