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TAMA Starphonic 6x14 Titanium Snare Drum

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Was: $2,599.99
Now: $1,899.99
MSRP: $3,999.00
Your Savings: $2,099.01 (52.49%)

Picture a snare with an industrial, heavy-duty metallic appearance that offers a range of tones from the warm, dry tones of the finest maple all the way to the punch and attack of bell brass. Meet Tama's Starphonic Titanium Snare Drum. A 21st century element in its own right, the titanium shell delivers extreme powerful sound and precise tonal balance. This drum represents a major step in Tama's quest for new and intrepid snare sounds

Tama's continued development of the Starphonic line led them to develop an entirely new "Grooved Hoop" and a bearing edge placement set 2.5mm from the outer surface of shell. Also, the Freedom Lug and Claw Hook will provide greater control of tension rods and tuning, while partnering with the easily-detachable butt plate to enable quick replacement of worn top and bottom drum heads. These innovations have enabled the drum to have a great high to low range.

Other features of this drum include a Linear Drive strainer - which enables a greater control of the strainer's deployment motion. On the snare side of the drum, an and "Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare" will emphasize needed attack, but also limit the amount of effort needed to control the tension on your snares.

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