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Paiste announces a groundbreaking new direction for the company with the creation of the "New Signature" class of cymbals. The elitist "New Signature" concept allows Paiste ultimate artistic freedom in the creation of cymbal sound. It calls for full concentration on the individual cymbal's characteristics and complete freedom from the sonic constraints of a series personality.

The initial set of cymbals (a core group of Rides, Crash & Hi-Hat) to populate the "New Signature" is designated "Dark Energy". Created as a "fusion" of the fundamental characteristics of "Signature" and "Traditionals", "Dark Energy" cymbals combine depth, darkness, total musicality and complex harmonics with brilliance, richness and projection. In addition, their functional range encompasses the sheer impossible combination of ultimate dynamic control and strength in projection.

Cymbals of the new class feature "Signature" style logos and model designations, but that's where all similarities stop. "New Signature" models are ultimate cymbal creations that defy categorization. They represent the highest state of the art in Paiste cymbal sound and quality.

"New Signature" cymbals are entirely made by hand in Switzerland using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century.

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