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Ron Vaughn 10" Rhythm-Studio/Pop/Rock

UPC: RV-3367.0002.Cng

PLAYERS CHOICE! Tambourines by Ron Vaughn remain the choice of professional players/artists throughout the world, now for over 40 continuous years. 

Solid Shells: Ron's Tambourines are always made directily from his solid shells, made only by Ron Vaughn, USA.

Jingles: Ron's collection of original tambourine jingles has grown throughout the decades, adding a brilliant variety and sound colors for players wanting to match great sound to their personal performance choices.

Grips: Choose from Ron's sleek, minimal plain grip chells, or his ergonomic, African Mahogany Supergrips, drilled and pinned, beautifully contoured.

Calfskins: All skinsare hand-picked, clean-mounted to the shell. No nails, tacks, or holding bands. 

Style: Whether you need a tambourine for Concert, Rhythm, or Recording work, Ron's collection provides excellent choices, offering some of the finest tambourines in the world. 

  • 10" TRIPLE row headless 
  • SuperGripTM  
  • Solid maple shell  
  • R-1 Brass jingles 
  • In-line slots  
  • 18 pairs jingles

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