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OS10 - Practice Mallet - Orchesrtal Series

MSRP: $47.50
Your Savings: $19.00 (40%)

Orchestral Series - OS10 – practice mallet

Are you tired of wearing earplugs in the practice room?  Or being that annoying xylophone player in the back of the orchestra hall disrupting the violin section’s tuning?  Now both problems can be solved with the introduction of the OS10 Practice Mallet.  New to the Orchestral Series, the OS10 is uniquely designed with a hard plastic core for a realistic mallet weight, encircled with two soft rubber gaskets, creating a softer volume with no harsh or piercing contact sound.  This cleverly amazing mallet is perfect for onstage practice before a performance, it has virtually no volume yet the same feel as a standard mallet.  Available with rattan handles. 

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