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Innovative Percussion PC-TT

MSRP: $73.00
Your Savings: $29.20 (40%)


  • Tri-tone - Covers entire range of marimba 
  • feature three unique playing zones


The Pedro Carneiro series marimba mallets are built with heavy synthetic cores specific to each model and its intended sound.  Wrapped with 100% un-dyed natural wool, each mallet provides enhanced fundamental tone across all registers of the marimba.  Models 1 through 4 are built on premium oversized rattan handles, while the ground breaking Tri-tone mallet is built with ramin handles for less vibration.  Additionally, the PC-TT Tri-tone mallet features three unique playing zones which allows the player to produce a variety of colors while using one implement.


  • 100% undyed natural wool
  • PC1-PC4 built on premium oversized rattan handles
  • PC-TT built on ramin handle

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