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Guatemalan Rosewood - Hawaiian Koa Tongue Drum (12 Key)

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Maximum Quantity: 1


Hardwood Music 

Guatemalan Rosewood - Hawaiian Koa


 (Baby Chorded 12 Note) - "Drumming In Memphis" 

(Made In 2014)


Comes With Free Pair Of Mallets 



What are these instruments and where do they come from?

"Our instruments are known as hardwood drums or tongue drums. They are a modern day incarnation of an ancient Aztec tribal and ceremonial device known as the Taponaxtli. The Taponaxtli was basically a hollowed-out log with two tongues carved out to create a non-specific high and low pitch."-Hardwood Music


How does it work? What makes the sound?


"Our drums are hand crafted entirely out of fine hardwoods. The sounds are simply the vibrations of the wooden tongues echoing off the bottom and sides of the sound-chamber box. By varying the length, width and shape, as well as hand carving the underside of each tongue, we are able to control and specify the exact pitches we want in each instrument."-Hardwood Music

We will set the buy it now at $950.00

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