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The Generation X line of cymbals has been developed in cooperation with futuristic drummer Johnny Rabb. The Rabb Pack has especially been designed to meet the requirements of today's Drum'n Bass, Jungle, Techno and House drummers. It is made from FX9 material and includes the 18" Safari Ride, 16" Safari Crash, 12" Safari Hihat all made with tensions waves and a free 8" Drumbal. The set comes pre-packed in a cardboard box with plenty of information and ideas how to use the Rabb Pack. Is also includes a free cymbal bag. Each Safari Ride, Crash and Hihat is stacked with an 8" cymbals which is made from brass and equipped with soundwaved edges. Using the wingnut of the cymbal stand, you can tune the Safari Ride, Crash to sound anywhere from trashy to virtually no decay, because of the combination from sound- and tension waves. The Safari Hihats can be tuned by increasing or decreasing the tension of the Hi-hat clutch. The bottom hat also contains four pairs of jingles which enhance the sound spectrum.

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