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Pearl’s Free Floating System Snare Drums have remained among the best selling and most widely used snare drums, year after year, for well over a decade. The "Free Floating" concept of removing all hardware from the shell is an extremely effective way of increasing the amount of coloration of each shell material to maximize its contribution to the overall sound of the drum.

Pearl’s Free Floating System also allows you the option to swap shells as easily as changing a batter head. An aircraft quality aluminum alloy bottom edge ring is machined to provide perfect seating with the shell and is precision cut to offer the most stable, sensitive, responsive snare bed imaginable. All of the drum's hardware is attached to the edge ring, including the throw-off, allowing the shell to resonate unrestricted. Our SR-010 Snare Throw-Off provides super smooth action and both the Snare and Butt units feature our "No Adjust Roller Bed" for precise alignment that is factory preset for optimum response. For 2002, all Free Floating System Snare Drums now feature marching-style solid steel tension rod receivers for 100% pull-out-proof dependability.

Free Floating System Snare Drums are available in four distinctive shell materials: Copper, Brass, Steel, and 6 ply 100% aged premium Maple; and in three shell depths, 3 1/2", 5" or 6 1/2". Copper, Brass, and Maple Free Floaters feature MasterCast die cast hoops for intense rimshots and incredible focus. Steel Free Floaters feature SuperHoop II 2.3mm steel hoops for increased upper harmonics and superb sensitivity.

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