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Para Sonic 4-piecec drum set

MSRP: $2,799.00
Your Savings: $980.00 (35.01%)

ParaSonic combines two of the most popular woods for manufacturing high-end drums: Maple and Birch. We use the natural characteristics of each wood to create a tailored sound for each drum. That being said, Maple has a naturally longer sustain with a lower fundamental note while Birch has a slightly shorter sustain and brighter attack. The smaller drums use a blend of Maple and Birch combined with a slightly thicker shell to produce a brighter tone with a sharper attack. On the other hand, larger drums utilize 100% North American Sugar Maple shells combined with a slightly thinner shell to create the natural sustain and lower fundamental note for the size of drum. This is a perfect pairing of materials and shell thicknesses to create a tailored sound. Sizes: (depth x diameter) •18x22Bass Drum •8.5x10 Rack Tom •9x12 Rack Tom •16x16 Floor tom

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