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Since the beginning of American drum manufacturing, the highest quality, most highly prized snare drums were single ply, or "solid shell": one piece of selected wood painstakingly steam bent in the highest expression of the drum maker's craft. There is no sound that compares to the deep, rich, warm authority of a one piece shell. Every drum makes noise. Many drums make distinctive sounds But percussive artists know: solid shell drums make music. Johnny Craviotto loves solid shell drums, and spent years developing processes to eliminate manufacturing imperfections and to bring new precision and reliability to this ultimate snare drum design. There are no shortcuts. Woods must be carefully selected, fully aged, thoroughly prepared, precisely measured, thoughtfully refined, tested, and lovingly finished. The processes are proprietary, a mix of the most traditional and the highest of high tech. The result....the Mastery of the One: Craviotto solid shell snare drums, and now solid shell drumsets, with shells from 10" to 26" in diameter, for an orchestral arsenal of sound. Craviotto. For every drummer who loves drums.


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