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Introduction: 1971
Background: During the 1960's developing Beat and Rock music required cymbal sound to match the new frequencies and volume levels and in 1967 the Giant Beat series was created. The 2002 was developed in 1971 fusing the power of the Giant Beat with the differentiation of the Jazz series Formula 602. After additions and transformations over decades, today's 2002 returns to the classic lineup of the 1970's.

Innovation: First cymbal series fully developed for electronically amplified music

Alloy: CuSn8 Bronze, also known as "2002 Bronze"

Quality: Professional

Manual Craftsmanship, Hand Hammering, Hand Lathing

Medium to very loud settings > Live and Recording > Country, R&B, Rock, Jazz-Rock, Progressive, Metal, Grunge, and modern hybrids rooted in those styles

Working Musicians, Enthusiasts. All players who need energy and drive and want their cymbals to cut through the music in all settings

Bright, warm, brilliant, musical, precise with high energy levels and powerful projection characteristics

Classic Paiste surface textures with even, balanced hammering and lathing patterns > Prominent, 2nd generation 2002 red silk screening

Used by countless top players world-wide over three decades to create a significant portion of our modern music heritage

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